Who am I? I’m a graphic designer, illustrator and printmaker. I received my Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication from RMIT in 1988 (back when graphics was done on paper).

What do I do? I create graphic design for print, web and signage. I make linocut prints, and other illustrative works on paper. I love making visual things that communicate; I produce brochures, cards, book illustrations, CD covers, logos, signs and limited edition art prints.

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It all started on 22 February in 1990 in the kitchen of a Genoa farmhouse in Far East Gippsland, Victoria, Australia.

The design desk was an old laminex table pushed against the window with a view of the Genoa River. I was freelancing, producing black and white line illustrations of rainforest flora and fauna with my set of Rotring technical pens.

Today, my studio is an old garage at our Drouin home. My husband had converted this into a space for himself but after a while, when all my drawings and art materials were taking over the house, he gave up the space to me.