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Sending a little wombat love

I hope you are well and travelling ok at this time with staying at home. The world has changed since I last wrote. It’s been nothing short of bewildering! It has taken weeks to gather my thoughts, and feel organised enough to write a cohesive message about the effects of the Coronavirus Pandemic on my business and arts practice.

Feel welcome to skip over this next paragraph if you like. It’s about income and I’m telling you because it is typical of what has happened to many in the creative industries.

I’m still working from the studio so it’s business as usual in that respect. My business took an immediate hit with the social distancing cancellations. With my school holiday printmaking workshops and some marketing work for a local festival being cancelled I lost income in the first week. With the shutdowns, future design work income has also disappeared. Fortunately I have a handful of existing client graphic design projects to keep me busy.

As galleries and markets closed I loaded up my web shop with new products including the long awaited Bird Speak book! Have a browse, and if you are looking for birthday or mothers’ day gifts you can order via the website. Phone and email orders are also welcome. I offer free postage within Australia and I’m more than happy to send a gift wrapped item directly to your special person along with a little note to say the gift is from you.

That’s enough news for now, wishing you calm thoughts and good health. Please keep in touch.