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Pivot to pop-up opening 2 hours before lockdown

My 2pm exhibition opening was cancelled due to a sudden lockdown on Saturday morning. I was at home wearing my best dress and cutting up cheese for the event when I got the call from Anne the gallery owner.  I scooped up my husband, collected the large tray of sushi I had ordered and went to the gallery early.  About ten lovely locals turned up. One had brought a bottle of wine in sympathy. We had this very wonderful pop-up opening for an hour before the gallery went into lockdown.

I’m hoping this lockdown will end on Sept 2, and people will be able to visit WAS Gallery again, which is open Wednesday-Saturday 10am-4pm.

I have artists talks planned for Saturday, September 11th and 18th, and have saved some of the opening wine for these occasions. The exhibition continues until October 16. Hope to catch up with people then.